Whether one wants to create a web app, a mobile app or a website, wireframing and creating prototypes can definitely augment the development. For this reason, developers and designers seek proficient tools and frameworks to accomplish their task with a greater precision.

Fortunately, today, there are numerous prolific tools available in the market that can help you develop a mobile app with a flair. However, a huge list of options often creates confusions, I have compiled a list of a few of the best tools that can facilitate you to accomplish the development task with a breeze without compromising on the app quality.

Let’s distill the amazing tools to proficiently develop mobile apps and their prototypes.

1. InVision


A fabulous prototyping app, InVision is absolutely worth including at the top of this list. The app is lauded for its resourceful features and has over 400K users. Like numerous UX researchers, web designers and marketers, you can also reap its benefits by creating prototypes without prejudicing the design quality. It can be simply named as a design-infused prototyping tool. The integrated creative programs, including Sketch, Photoshop, etc., help create peculiar attention to the design. The tool doesn’t demand programming knowledge, anyone from tech or non-tech environment can conveniently access this app and generate high end prototypes. You can efficiently test the UX and enhance the design with each iteration. Moreover, it also allows one to seamlessly share the designed prototypes with others.

2. Marvel


Marvel is another lightning-fast solutions for generating prototypes. Its service is available for free and helps develop brilliant prototypes. You can quickly transform PSDs, sketches into an adroit prototype for mobile. This resource is quite popular across the globe and possesses a whopping number of users.

3. Apper


Apper offers a brilliant platform to accomplish innovative projects without restricting one with technical tasks. This means, you can completely focus over your project design and quickly accomplish it with a great precision as there won’t be any technical guidelines to restrain you.

Designed by IGenApps, Apper is an excellent app that offer a DIY approach to designers to quicken their job of creating, sharing, and publishing high end applications. You can create mobile apps that look similar to native apps. What’s more? The app also facilitates a clever URL feature that appropriately alters your app interface and UX on the basis of the targeted device. It is an absolute value for money and delivers a remarkable performance.

4. AppMachine


Create impressive native apps or web app with this fantastic companion. AppMachine doesn’t charge a hefty amount, however users need to submit a minimal amount for publishing their designs to stores. With numerous pre-coded building blocks, it allows users to simply use the blocks and easily create a desired design. Moreover, it offers complete freedom for connecting to web services, implementing CustomJS (for incorporating code and features), and importing the requisite data.

5. Flinto



One can efficiently locate issues in design while testing via an interactive prototype. However, it can be done proficiently only before diving into the development process. Because, it becomes really hard to fix issues when development starts. Flinto offers a great platform for quickly and easily testing prototypes, and since it uses the designed screens, your ongoing workflow won’t get affected with this tool. It endows a lightning-fast editor and delivers real prototypes that appear to be genuine.

6. PowerMockup


Create fabulous wireframes with this incredible tool that comes complete with Microsoft PowerPoint add-on. It is compatible with three versions, including 2007, 2010, and 2013. You can create outstanding slideshows to aesthetically represent your app design to your clients. The integrated library includes various wireframe stencils and icons that can be seamlessly implemented as and when required, or one may even choose to use the regular shapes of PowerPoint to create a new stencil.

Final Thought:

To design and develop a successful app, planning and wireframing are paramount. These processes leverage an invaluable design while allowing one to save on design and development cost. By expanding your initial ideas in the form of prototypes and integrating structure and functionality, you can efficiently bunch up the feedbacks at the earliest and thus, proceed in the right direction.

The aforementioned are the 5 best prototyping and app development tools that can expedite the app designing process while ensuring a quality result. You can pick any one that best suits your project requirements and deliver a surefire app design.

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Juana Steves

Author Bio: Juana Steves is a mobile application developer for Xicom Technologies, which is the  fastest growing custom java development company. She loves sharing latest information on mobile technology and provides concrete information on technologies like Java, PHP, Android mobile apps development.