Facebook’s latest big product doesn’t even require a Facebook membership — and that’s what makes it so powerful

facebookFacebook have more then a billion customers across the world, more then three times of USA total population. But still facebook is finding a way to new emerging word like asia and africa where not much of internet users.
So to make next one more billion customers facing is targeting mobile phone useres whose primary internat devices is mobile phone? So they launched new Facebook’s new Messenger app.Will it make difference in mobile world ?
Facebook’s new messenger app, which is being developed first for Android phones, is initially launched in India, Indonesia, Australia, Argentina, Venezuela, and South Africa — regions where, in some cases, big growth is still possible for Facebook.
This app doesn’t even require a facebook account to use it. All u need is a mobile phone install it and you are ready to use it. It integrate together all your sms box and fb SMS which makes is so good. Which is direct attack on sms market.
But seems in more mature markets like USA facebook messenger loosing customers and more Apps like WhatsApp and Kink massenger making a way to all smart phones. They are registering huge growth in this market.Even in india we are shifting to such messengers.
In August, WhatsApp said it set a record with 10 billion messages sent in a single day.They are growing with lighting fast. I personally using this messenger this makes life easy.
I have big doubt if Facebook new messenger will stand in this market.

Update: As i predicted this messenger didnt make any difference, infect new age messenger like whats app, kink, viber killing old messengers like gtalk, yahoo messenger.

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