How do I become a web app developer – Meteor style
What does an aspiring web developer need to know to develop a Meteor app? Below is a list of languages, frameworks, libraries, packages & more 😉 .

The lists that follow are purposely ordered, unless noted. This article does not explain why you need to learn each item (that is up to you to figure out). Instead this article’s purpose is to provide a quick roadmap or “thousand mile” view of the technologies a Meteor Dev works with daily.

Getting started with meteor packages
What are packages?

Let’s say you’re making your on a functionality and you realize that some of your functionality could be used in almost any app. In this case we need to make your independent of your application and make it shareable.
In this case you need to create a meteor package. This can be installed in any application and it will be working without no extra effort.
This tutorial will get you started on your first meteor package.

Read my detailed article to get started with meteor packages here.

Getting started with meteor packages

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