Java ClassLoaders are very important. There are differnt lava class loaders.

hot depolyment-uprading sofware without deploying running applicaiton,exploited in EJB servers and servlet containers
Class files-binary representation of Java classafter loading byte code ClassLoader makes an instance of java.lang.class which makes class available to JVM

Lazy Loading-first the class file executed gets loaded and then other refrenced class, plays a key role in providing dynamic extensibility to the java platform

Bootstrap classloader-core API,this class loader searches in location specified by sun.boot.class property for class
System classloader-application speicific API,searches in java.class.path specified at the time of execution

Cacheing-a class being loaded is not loaded again but taken from JVM cache

Modifying Class Files– A program can generate the bytecodes on the fly instead of retrieving them from a repository. This forms the basis of JSP technology
ClassLoaders and Security-a class at runtime is identified by Classloader and its namespace,the parent delegation model makes it possible to load classes loaded by its parent

Its also possible to create custom ClassLoader in java.Every custom ClassLoader will have a parent ClassLoader.
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