MEAN Stack Single Page Application

MEAN stands for Mongodb,  Express.js, Angular.js, Node.js .

Creating MEAN Stack application is super easy with right modules. So i created this simple application so anyone can jump start MEAN Applications.

Clone this repository form git hub.

This is a Repository for a starter application for a Single Page MEAN Stack application. Just download and install and you have a good foundation for building application.


  1. Download the repository
  2. Install npm modules: npm install
  3. Install bower dependencies bower install
  4. Start up the server: node server.js
  5. View in browser at http://localhost:8080

Use this starter kit to build any MEAN stack application you like.

Future Additions

  • CRUD examples
  • Development and Production Environments
  • Link examples
  • Single Page AngularJS Animations
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He is founder and CTO of He senior software architect. He is guru of various Mobile and web technologies including Node.js, Angular.js, Meteor.js. He is founder member of habilelabs Pvt. Ltd.